Mediation Program at a Glance

Mediation is a confidential process in  which an impartial neutral assists parties in identifying issues,  summarizes their stories, and helping them to identify potential  solutions.  The mediator facilitates the process through ground rules  established at the onset of mediation and helps them work toward  identifying the solution or solutions that are mutually acceptable.  In  most cases, when a solution is identified and agreed upon, the mediator  drafts a binding and enforceable agreement that the parties sign to  resolve the matter.  (For certain matters, such as divorce mediation, no  final agreement is made.  Rather, a tentative agreement may be reached  in which the parties can work with their individual attorneys to present  to the court for consideration of a final order.)

 In  some cases, mediation may result in a partial agreement, in which the  parties reach agreement on some matters, thereby narrowing the issues  remaining to be resolved through other means.

Mediation at Spring  Law, LLC, generally incorporates a facilitative approach integrating  the seven-step mediation model pioneered at Capital University Law  School – the first mediation program of its kind in the United States.   It includes introductions and establishment of ground rules,  determination of problems to be resolved, summarization of each party’s  statements and a determination of the issues that the parties agree need  to be resolved.  This is followed by generation of alternatives to  resolve the problem, exploration, analysis, and negotiation.   When  alternatives are identified that will resolve the disagreement to each  party’s satisfaction, the mediation concludes with an agreement that  describes and clarifies the terms reached by the parties.

 More information is available from Tom Spring at 740-207-2090.

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